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Jen Greer wants an update...Jen Greer gets an update

ok sooooo i dunno i havent been up to too much. at school i go to school work and chill in my room...i hate working by the way its so freaking boring!! on wednesday i typed 20 pages of stuff...20 PAGES!!!! my wrists hurt so freakin bad.

schools going well i had an A in spanish but i didnt do so hot on my second test so now i have a B. i have a B in computer science which is so surprising. i really like making computer programs even though its way hard. i wish i could show everyone what ive done but you need the program in order to see the work. my edr class i have an A in too...and buisness we just had our test so i dunno yet.

Lets see what else on the weekends thurs is my chill night i hang with nate and alyssa and have loads of fun. fri nights and saturday i usually work

tonight i worked and this nice old couple gave me some chocolates cuz it had coconut and they couldnt have it. they were real sweet.

i came home tonight to have 20 bucks on my desk for harry potter!! i was like yay mommy cuz i couldnt buy it till thursday cuz i didnt have money but now i can get it tuesday im so excited

la la la trying to make this longer...i need to do homework but i dont feel like it

yesterday they cancelled school it was sweeeet nate took me to friendlys for lunch it was yummy and he bought me the new version of the sims cuz hes soooo wonderful...i love him

i bought the new strawberry lime gum and its really yummy.

so today when i was eating my lunch i called my mommy to say hi and she said i got a letter from holy family..in an envelope not a packet so i was like open it and tell me what it says..... I GOT IN!!!!!!!! IM GOING TO HOLY FAMILY NEXT FALL IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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