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ok so maybe if i post a lil and let some stuff out ill be able to sleep

this past week kinda sucked.

this weekend my car died but my dad couldnt do anything about it cuz "its saturday no one is open" yea ok dad and then my dad disapeared till like 6am on saturday night. nate had to sleep over because my dads that inconsiderate to know that i needed his car to take nate home since my car is broken

yesterday shannon and i were shoppin and my car died again. and we were stranded in some shopping center and nobody had jumper cables. so we got jumped and drove to sears auto center and the guy said i need a new alternater belt and to come back tomorrow. he charged my battery but i barely made it back to campus i thought it was gonna die again. today shannon and i jumped it and drove back to sears auto and were there around 115. the guy said itd be done at 3. so we eat lunch and go tanning come back at 3 and it wasnt done...at 4 i went back and after the belt i needed a new battery....after the new battery i needed a new alternator. so shannon and i were stuck wandering around for soo long and $360 and like 8 sears auto reciepts later my car is working. i wish i was rich so i could just buy a new one. i need a really good job this summer so i can get something cuz i dunno...

so thats the bad stuff that happened this week and i just cant get over it. last night i was up till after 3 cuz i couldnt fall asleep. and now i cant fall asleep again and im so tired and my stomach hurts and i have heartburn but i just dont feel like sleeping.

and i didnt do any homework or reading on my 2 days off cuz when i got home i was just so frustrated i didnt want to do anything

the good things that happened

thurs i got some ugg boots that are really comfy
i got party of five dvds which i really love
i hung out with alyssa and steph webb for awhile and it was fun
i spent tons of time with nate
saturday he took me to lunch at fridays and since my dad was a jerk he spent all night with me
i went to friendlys
sunday night there was a crossing jordan party at my house with me alyssa and juli then later christine came over and we stayed up till 3 playing wheel of fortune on snes
deena and i watched high school musical
i hung out with shannon and nikki
i got yummy mango lip gloss
i bought nate tons of candy for valentines day
i went tanning twice at this really nice place for free
i got chinese food at the chinese buffet
i got some slinky under garments lol

i just cant wait for this school year to be over and i feel like it hasnt even started

this weekend i have to work, i have to work on online work for one class, study for spanish, read like 60 pages and do some case study thing...and i just dont want to...im not motivated i dont care about west chester anymore

im gonna start tanning again hopefully that cheers me up and pumps me for summer which couldnt come faster!

im excited for valentines day for the first time ever

2 tylenol pms later im out

another sad thing...myspace isnt letting me recieve or give comments :(
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