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stephanie8228's Journal

22 August
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28 days later, all american rejects, all things disney, alternative music, american pie, animals, aol, bebe's kids, being in love, betty boop, boy meets world, boys, britney spears, bulldogs, candles, care bears, cats, cell phones, chad michael murray, chuck e cheese, clarissa explains it all, clay aiken, clothes, coldplay, concerts, cruel intentions, daydreaming, degrassi, disney movies, dvds, emperors new groove, empire records, etnies, everwood, finding nemo, flirting, freckles, free stuff, french kissing, full house, gilmore girls, good charlotte, gum, gummie bears, guys, harry potter, hey arnold, honestly, hoodies, horror movies, ice cream, icons, jewelry, johnny depp, kissing, laguna beach, legally blonde, lightning, lilo and stitch, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, london, love, love actually, making money, making out, mean girls, money, monsters inc, movies, mtv, muppet babies, music, napoleon dynamite, new york, nickelodeon, nintendo, nip/tuck, pajamas, pee wee, pictures, piercings, piglet, pizza, proms, rachel mcadams, rain, reading, relaxing, rich girls, ryan gosling, salute your shorts, saved by the bell, scooby doo, shoes, shopping, sleep, sleeping, slumber parties, sneakers, spending money, stars, stephen king movies, stickers, strawberry shortcake, summer, surf girls, survivor, swimming, taking pictures, talkin, tanning, thats so raven, the bachelor, the beach, the goonies, the mall, the notebook, the o.c., the oc, the olsen twins, the real world, the sims, the texas chainsaw massacre, traveling, tv, water, wcu, west chester university, writing