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11 months

today was mine and nates 11 month anniversary wooooooo hoooooooo we made it...almost there! we worked this mornin and went to red robin for dinner. then nate juli her friend matt and i played golf at nifty fifties. matt and i tied for first and i won a free game cuz i had the 8 ball goooo me.

so yea i cant wait till its 1 year...its gonna be great. goin to the beach together gettin a pretty ring and hes gettin a pretty necklace, yup im excited..

nothin much else is new playin my nintendo ds often its great. i just started the sudoku craze im not so bad with the easy puzzles. this week i worked and worked on my tan...not too shabby

and this weekend i get to see the lake house!! so excited

september 19 stick it...dvd....yessssssssssssss
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