*Stephanie* (stephanie8228) wrote,

so today i got a nintendo ds lite...freakin sweet ass!!! its great i love it so far. im getting a snood game for it over the internet and the sims, of course

side note my hair is a knotty beastly mess EVERY TIME i brush it. when i shower i use contidioner and after i get out it hurts so bad to brush it! i want to chop it off sooooo bad...BUUUUUUUUT im an inch away from being able to donate it so i have to wait. it sucks cuz its such a pain to deal with and i cant wait till its short and cool and easy to brush again but it will be so worth while to wait and help a cute littly kiddy not be ashamed because an illness left them bald...so sad but im excited to help so its worth waitin for.
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