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oh man

ok i havent written in this thing in foreeeever! its only 130 right now and i still have 2 hrs of work left and i dont want to be here at all.

my life has been good last weekend was really fun! i got a pedicure and it was easter and i had yummy easter food. my mommy made me a strawberry shortcake doll!! she made it all by herself she crochet'd it! its so beautiful i love it so much. next shes making me a care bear then a strawberry shortcake blanket, my mom is awesome.

sunday was nate and my 9 month anniversary...long time for me

friday was friskie francis' 10th birthday!! my babys getting so old. i got him 2 toy mice and he loves them, naturally.

so if you didnt know the past 3 weekends i have been seen in the easter bunny costume at the gallery mall in philly, thank the lord jesus thats over! thats one thing i dont want to experience again lol. its so way hot in that suit and some of the people who sit on your lap are just plain creepy.

today at school in front of sykes theres a lot of things going on. on one side is banana day where people are playing loud music and passing out free bananas. and on the other side is sga elections where people are passing out flyers and playing different loud music. and then inside sykes theres like 50 xbox 360's displayed for people to play and they are playing more different loud music...crazy

so i started trying that jergens gradual tan moisturizer..and boy does it work! im loving it so far i just need to start applying it on the back of my hands without touching my palms so i dont wash off the color cuz my hands are kinda paleish. but for real the stuff works really well, id recommend it.

oh yea this paast weekend i dyed my hair blonde! on friday it looked like i had blonde hair with brown highlights(i was going for blonde highlights) but then saturday mommy and i fixed it and now it looks amazing i so love it.. its majorly hott

on tuesday i had a computer program due, and well lets just say it didnt work and i was gonna turn it in and get a 50ish. i go to class and he pushed the date back to thursday and we go over it in class now it almost works perfectly! i sense an 80ish! thats freaking amazing.

hopefully i can pull off a B in computer science if not a C will do i suppose. no question about it im definately getting an A in my study skills class. my BLA class has a 50 point extra credit assignment and the class is only out of 400 points so that could either bring my grade to a B or even an A which is sweet. and spanish right now is prob a C+ or B- but the final is gonna be real hard so im not sure.

i have to get my mommy to call up holy family today cuz im supposed to set an appointment with my advisor to pick classes for next fall. sadly the financial aid wont cover all of my tuition so we need to come up with like $10,000 which i dont know how its gonna happen :(

this thursday im getting my nails done with alyssa wooo hooo!! i cant wait for it! it seems like its been so long. and after that im gonna take nate shopping cuz i said id buy him some things since i never buy him stuff and he always buys me stuff. im getting him some sort of tv show on dvd and some cute cargo khaki shorts from target in which he will look way cute.

i found this really nice website that has really nice white gold peridot rings...for my birthday...or maybe the 1 year anniversary, thats exciting cuz i want a ring reaaaaaaaal bad

hmm im not sure what other good stuff to say. i have a test tonight and a test tomorrow so i should probably do some studying for those...and later after my test im going swimming with shannon yaaaay weve been going tuesday and wednesday nights at school...its real fun

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