*Stephanie* (stephanie8228) wrote,


i remember oh so well when heather and i used to talk to strange men online and she would get them to drive up to the neighbors house for what they thought was some sex *haha* then when they pulled up wed walk out of my house and go across to her house and laugh at them for being losers.

i remember spending my sundays at curtis' house and we would play willy wonka and hed wear a red hoodie and be veruca and stand on his laundry basket and fall through when he was a "bad egg"

today one of my best friends from when i was little added me on myspace oh myspace how wonderful you can be for bringing people together who had once lost eachother!

i remember seeing saved! with curtis and sarah haas and michelle signing the fanta song and each of us being the fantanas "I wanna be the yellow one with the SASH!"
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