*Stephanie* (stephanie8228) wrote,

so last week was spring break...

and it was a mighty fine spring break indeed.

fri-thurs i worked everyday...so im expecting a big paycheck this week which excites me until all my bills come.

after work alyssa usually came over to hang out of course, and nate did as well.

tuesday night nate and i went to red lobster, it was my first time there and it was very yummy.

thursday was our 8 month anniversary

alyssa slept over thursday night and christine came over till like 330 am. then we woke up at 1030 and had pizza hut buffet! yuummy

after pizza hut we made green cupcakes with green frosting for saint patricks day. i ran to the dollar store and to ac moore for my mom then i went and picked nate up from work. we hung around my house and ate yummy snacks and my mom and dads friends came over for dinner. dinner was good too i never had corn beef and cabbage before but i liked it. after that i didnt feel well though.

i watched tons of movies over break that i never get around to watching. i watched the notebook then cried for a solid hour, i watched resident evil 2, the perfect man, stepford wives, soulplane, charlie and the chocolate factory...oh how i love movies

hmm saturday nate and i went to the aquarium in camden...and the ferry was closed for the winter so i had to drive there! it was scary let me tell you. the aquarium was nice though. when we got there we saw the 4d show and i saw angelica tommy a nd chuckie from the rugrats. i took lots of pictures of pretty fish and some ugly fish. the shark tank was really cool cuz you walked through it and they could swim over top of you...they have a swim with the sharks thing i want to do it. i got a cute turtle keychain and a paper weight with that blue floaty liquid in it...and a light up shark pen lol nates just so good to me.

after the aquarium we took a nap on my bed which was so cute i must say. then later we went to dinner with christine matt and alyssa. ive decided fridays isnt my favorite restaurant...i dont know why it just isnt one of my favorites. after dinner nate and i watched tv at his house and the sopranos season premiere...wasnt that into it.

sunday was my cousin ambers baby shower. of course my aunt katie called and asked for a ride and i couldnt say no...i got there at 1110 and we didnt leave till like 1125 i hate when im ready and i have to wait for other people...and then at the end i had to wait even longer cuz she wanted to be the last one to leave i swear. the shower was nice though. i tried greek salad which ive never had before but was good minus the olives. and they had veal parm with twice mashed potatos yum...but there was no cake that was so disappointing! they just gave us ice cream...the turds. anyway it took like 2 hrs to open presents i swear she got EVERYTHING she could possibly need except bath stuff and more diapers i dont think shell have to buy anything. she got at least 10 baby blankets and probably 40 pairs of socks.

after the shower i dropped my aunt off and got nate so we could hang out on my last day. we took some cute pictures b4 i changed outa my dress. we hung around alyssa came over as well as christine. we watched Shes too young...gotta love lifetime movies on dvd. and then it was crossing jordan time woo hoo i love that show. hung around my house till late then i took nate home and stayed with him awhile...he shaved his chin so he looks funny now but itll prob be back by thursday lol.

he misses me already <3 oh man

yesterday was just class and relax. i did some homework and watched some party of five and related and went to bed early cuz i was so tired..i didnt sleep much during break
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